Accounts and bank reconciliation

The accounts/bank reconciliation has now changed. It is now much easier and faster to reconcile your bank statement to your income/expenses in SCM.

The way it works now is that you must enter a bank statement before you can reconcile any transactions. You can do this via a CSV import (export your bank statement in CSV format from your bank) or manually by adding transactions 10 at a time.

Once you have added your bank statement, goto the bank reconciliation page. You will now see all unreconciled statement transactions on the left alongside your unreconciled income/expenses on the right.

All you do now is match up the two by either selecting the corresponding income/expense item on the “Match” tab, or create a new income/expense by completing the form on the “Add New” tab. If you need to split a statement transaction over multiple income/expenses, click on the “Split” tab.

Click on the “Plus” button that appears to reconcile that transaction.

Do this for all transactions on the statement.


You can now also export your income/expenses. Click on the new “Export” link under the Accounts navigation tree.

Importing Swimmers/Parents/Swim Times

There were some bugs when using the above. This has now been fixed. When you are importing, make sure you follow the rules listed in the yellow section. For example gender needs to be only F or M NOT Male, Female.

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