Bulk importing swimmers, parents and swim times

Bulk Swimmer Import

You can now include medical details and swim group in the swimmer import. If you enter a group name in the “Swim Group” column that isn’t there in SCM, the system will create this automatically and assign it to the swimmer.

Bulk Import in General

When you are importing swim times, swimers and parents, there is now the option to cancel the import. Clicking the cancel button will delete the uploaded CSV file and take you back to the import page.

Also, when you initially select the file to import on your computer, an exerpt of the first 5 rows is displayed so you can see how the system interprets your columns etc. If something is not right, click the cancel button and fix your file and try again.

There are now more checks put in place to make sure that the file you are uploading is in the correct format, ie no commas in the data columns etc. You will be notified after the import of any rows that had errors.


To activate the creation of “Income” records when you create invoices, go to the “Setup > Club > Club Details” page and switch it on. This will save you from having to add them at the reconciliation stage.

We have updated the offline SCM manual to reflect the new accounts sections. You can download it via the “Help > Support Tickets” page.

Don’t forget that you can also click on the “?” icon at the top right of any page for page specific help, or to create a support ticket.

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