Multiple updates

Disqualified times

You can now enter a disqualified time for a swim. When you add a time in the usual way, there is now a disqualified checkbox at the end of the row. Clicking this will disable the time and position fields and enter a null value in the swim time field for that event/swimmer.

When you are viewing swim times, disqualified times are shown by a little icon, and the row is highlighted in yellow.

If you add splits when adding a disqualified time, they will be added as times as normal, so be aware of that.

You can edit a disqualified time by clicking on the icon, the same way you can edit a normal time.

Emailing Outstanding Invoices

You can now choose to send a letter via email as well as the “Single/Consolodated” email format. The system will email the letter to the swimmer/parent in the same format that it prints it out when you choose “Print Letter”.

Accounts Forecast

Your accounts forecast now includes income/expenses that you have not added to a category. These are shown at the bottom of each income/expense table titled “Unclassified”.

Holidays and Sickness Record

You can now log your user’s holidays and sickness. Click on the new green calendar icon in the header. As usual, click on a day to add an item, click on an item in the calendar to edit it.

You can also view a particular user’s holidays and sickness when you are viewing their profile page. Click on the new tab “Holiday/Sickness”.

Users can log their own holidays/sickness by clicking on “My Holidays/Sickness” under the top right header menu.

You can overlay the holidays/sickness calendar on the main club calendar, the same way you can with the coaches rotas.

You can also now run a report on holidays/sickness between certain dates on the reports page.

Default Page After Login

You can now change the page that you are taken to after you login. Go to your “My Account” page and select a page from the drop-down menu.

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