Swim times, sessions and attendance

Best Swim Times

There was a problem with the best swim times report. If a disqualified time was added for a swimmer, the system was classing that as their fastest time, and therefore not showing any other times for that particular event.

So, we have had to make the best swim times report not list disqualified times. You can still see the disqualified times on the gala swim times page.

Gala Swim Times

When you are adding gala swim times, you can now add the event number. Doing this groups your gala times together so they display in event order.

When viewing/editing gala swim times, you can now view splits.

Holiday/Sickness Calendar

There is now an additional absence type of “Training”.

Swim Sessions

You can now set the day of week that the session is on. This is so that when you are adding attendance by swimmer, the system looks at the date you select and only lists sessions that fall on that day of the week. So, with that in mind you now need to edit this field for all of your sessions.

Add Attendance By Group

You can now add attendance by swim group. There is a new manu item under “Members > Swimmers > Attendance”.

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