Incident book, emails and registration forms

A new field “Committee Position” has been added for Instructors/Users. This field is next to the “Committe Member” field and both of these fields have been moved from the “Access Permissions” tab to the “Extended Details” tab.

Incident Book
There is a new permission setting for the incident book. The following permissions can now be set:

  1. Yes – Full Access
  2. Yes – Own Incidents Only
  3. No

Number 2 above is the new one. Setting this will mean that the user can view the incident book but only incidents that they have added, no one elses.

You can now also add the incident time as well as date

When you send emails out you can now see who you sent them to. Click on the sent email in question and there is a new section “Sent To” that lists all the email addresses you sent it to.

You can now forward emails. Click on the “Forward This Email” button then select as many users as you need from the drop-down list.

You can now send emails to groups of instructors/parents by clicking on a checkbox next to their name.

Registration Forms
For clubs on option 1, the registration form has a couple of new fields. “Relation to Swimmer” for both emergency contact fields.

The “Mobile Phone” field has now been added to the swimmer details export file.

Navigation Menu
The nav menu has now been rearranged to be in alphabetical order. Sub folders are at the top then links below. This helps to keep everything consistant because some were in order and others weren’t.

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