Club disclaimers, gala templates and workflows

Club Disclaimers

You can now add a club disclaimer that can be presented to your swimmers/parents when they login. There is a button on the page so the swimmer/parent can mark the disclaimer as “seen” so it doesn’t show every time they login.

You can however reset the “seen” status of everyone to force them to read the disclaimer again.

Go to your club details page to add a disclaimer.

Gala Templates

There is a new section under setup > club called “Gala Templates”. This forms part of the new gala programme system.

When you add a gala template you basically add all of the gala events so you are building up a “Template” for that gala. You can use this template for multiple galas so it saves you having to add everything again.

On the gala details page, select the “Gala Template” from the drop-down list.

Add your swimmers to the gala in the usual way.

There are 2 new buttons on the gala details page:

  1. Create Team – This button when clicked takes you to a page that shows you all of the swimmers eligible for the gala events along with their best swim time for that particular event. Click the check-boxes next to the swimmers to select them for that event and click on blue “Update Swimmers” button.
  2. Click on the “Print Teamsheet” button either one the “Create Team” page or the gala details page. A printer friendly page will open allowing you to print your teamsheet for that gala.

New Workflow

A new workflow has been added for when a swimmer adds a new log book entry.

Forwarding Emails

When forwarding club emails you can now edit the email text before you forward it. The system also adds the forwarded email to the “Associated Emails” tab of the original email.

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