Swimmer/Parent accounts, email and training

Swimmers/Parents account details

There is now a new field for swimmers and parents “I agree my details are up-to-date as of DATE”. This is a date field and is designed to allow you to instruct your swimmers and parents to check their details are correct in the system.

You can then run a report to see who has not completed this new field.

Swimmer details export fields

The following new fields have been added to the export

  • CRB certificate number
  • CRB date
  • CRB renewal date

Resetting swimmer’s login passwords

When you click on the green “Reset login password and email it to them” button on a swimmer’s extended details page, the system now includes their login username in the email.

Emailing Multiple Groups

When you are sending emails to groups, you can now select more than one group.


It has come up more than once that it would be a good idea to have some sort of training for new users. We have taken this on board and are in the process of testing out a “webinar” service that will let us perform on-line training to multiple users at a time, and also record the results for other new users to view at a later date.

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