Workflows, gala confirmation emails and bug fix

New Workflow Added

When you add a gala and a bus/coach is required, you can now add a workflow to fire that will alert someone to book it.

Gala Confirmation Emails

When a swimmer receives the gala invitation email and clicks on the link to say if they can or can not attend they get an email to confirm their choice.

If they select that they want some seats on the coach, this information is also included in the confirmation email, but now it is in bold so they don’t overlook it.

Bug Fix

On the view gala page, the calculation which shows how many seats still available on the bus wasn’t working properly. This is now fixed.

Printing Gala Attendees

The print gala attendees page now only shows swimmers that have said they can go to the gala. Previously it was printing all swimmers added to the gala, even if they said they could not attend.

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