Version 4 is coming!

We’ve been working on version 4 for a few weeks and it is going well. I’m excited about the new features that v4 will bring, for example export to Excel (xls) format as well as the CSV format.

Also we will be improving the import feature to allow for more fields to be imported, especially for swimmers. You will also be able to import from Excel files as well as CSV.

We will be changing the design slightly too and going off customer feedback, ditching the side navigation in favour of top navigation like it used to be.

Another major improvement will be the fastest swim times page (not to be confused with the best swim times report). When you view the fastest swim times page in v4, all you need to do is select a year and pool size. Then the system will look at all of your swim times and show you the records for that year, taking into account the swimmer’s age as of that year. We’ve also expanded the age groups on the page.

This has been talked about in the forums before so I’m pleased to have it in v4.

Outstanding feature requests

Any outstanding feature requests either in the forums or via support tickets will now be ported over to v4. What that means is that no more new features will be added to the current version 3. We have to draw the line somewhere and v4 is probably about 20 – 25% complete now so trying to maintain both isn’t practical.

Time frame

We expect to have version 4 go live some time before the end of March 2013. However, we may need to extend that if it takes longer than expected. This is an estimate only.

Other New Features

We are also looking into the club websites option. Hopefully we will be able to release more website templates to compliment the current one, if not immediately, in the future. This will give clubs more options for the look and feel of their website.

It’s also a possibility that you will be able to upload your own templates instead of having to rely on us to update them for you. This is only a thought at this stage though but will give you much more freedom with your club website if you have some knowledge of html and css etc.

Another major feature that we will be looking at improving is the user permissions system. At the moment it is a little cumbersome to have to edit the permissions for every user. We are looking to change that so you can add “Roles” instead. What that means is that you can add for example “Chairman”, “Treasurer”, etc and set the permissions options at the role level. Then all you need to do is add the user to a role and all permissions for that user will be set according to the role.

I have been informed that this ties in with the ASA guidelines for clubs so this is another bonus!

That’s about it for now so I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and happy New Year.

See you in 2013!

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