Recent updates 07/05/2013

You can now print off ASA and membership forms. The print buttons are on the swimmer’s “Extended Details” tab.

The “Not Sure” option has been removed from the swimmer gala confirmation page. This was a bit of a pointless option because coaches still needed to chase the swimmer to see if they could or could not attend.

New User Group Permissions

  1. New permissions for delete swimmer/parent and add trial times have been added.
  2. A new permission has been added to the “Club Calendars” permissions. You can now set “Coaches Rota + Holiday/Sickness only”
  3. A new permission has been added for “Move users between user groups”.

IMPORTANT : You need to edit your user groups to include these new permissions.

When you are adding attendance for a swimmer that has already attended on that date, the table row is now red instead of yellow.

You can now send emails to inactive swimmers. When you select “Individual Swimmers” from the drop-down, inactive swimmers are included and have a cross next to their name with the word “Inactive”.

When you are exporting parent data, you can now include the “ASA Number”.

You can now mark an email as “Unread”.

You can now add information to above the registration form the same as you can with trial request forms. Go to the “Website Settings” tab on the club details page.

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