Updates 19/05/2013

You can now upload your own club logo to replace the SwimClub Manager logo in the header. Go to “Setup > Club > Club Details” and click on the “Extended Details” tab. There is a new option to upload your club logo. Bear in mind the logo will be sized to fit the space in the header.

A new “Theme” has been added so you can change what swimmers see when they login. Instead of the standard navigation bar in the header you can change this to icon based buttons. This new layout is designed to be easier for swimmers to navigate with a more “fun” style interface. Go to the extended details page as above and edit the “Swimmer Login Theme” option.

New section has been added “Who’s Who”. You can set who appears in the club who’s who and what position they are in the club. When you are viewing an instructor/user account, on the extended details page there are two new options at the top, “In Who’s Who” and “Club Position”. If you upload photos for your users, these will show on the who’s who page.

To view the club’s who’s who, go to “Club > Who’s Who”.

The following new club options have been added (on club details page):

  • You can now turn off “Member Forums” for swimmers/parents.
  • You can now turn off “Member Pages” for swimmers/parents.
  • You can now turn off “Order Club Kit” for swimmers/parents.
  • You can now turn off “Club Records” for swimmers/parents.
  • You can now turn off “Fastest Swim Times Report” for swimmers/parents.

Swimmers can now see their swim sessions, swim groups and swim fees on their account page as well as their gala attendance.

User Manual

We have been getting a couple of requests for the “User Manual” lately so have decided that it would probably be a good idea to create one. However, because of the size of the application now this will probably take a while so this is ongoing.

We will make this available to download for all clubs/users and will let you know when it is ready.

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