Updates 05/07/2013

The following updates have been made:

Version 4.9.6 05/07/2013

  • You can now export your club records in CSV/Excel format.
Version 4.9.5 04/07/2013

  • You can now send emails to parents that are committee members, users that are committee members and instructors.
  • The swimmer export now includes all 20 sessions instead of just the first 10.
  • The swim times export now includes the swimmer’s main swim group.
Version 4.9.2 02/07/2013

  • You can now issue a session credit to a swimmer directly from their profile page (finances tab).
  • Instructor/other user accounts now include DOB and Gender fields.
  • When exporting parents, the DOB, Gender and Address fields are now included.
Version 4.8.9 01/07/2013

  • You can now copy a swimmer’s details into the “Add Parent” form to save you typing the address etc again.
  • You can now export awards in CSV/Excel format.
  • You can now set a swimmer to “Archived” status. This then deletes their personal information such as address and phone numbers and only keeps their name, dob and gender. Everything else is kept such as swim times and invoices.
  • You can now create custom email folders to group your emails.

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