Updates 15/07/2013

Version 4.11.1 15/07/2013

  1. You can now send extra notes with the outstanding invoices emails.
  2. New workflow added “Trial swimmer has been accepted”.
  3. Clubs can now add dummy swimmers whilst in their trial.
  4. You can now assign distance and stroke to club awards.
  5. When a gala’s “Coach Required” status changes from No to Yes the “Coach Required” workflow fires.

Version 4.10.6 12/07/2013

  1. Swimmers that have medical details or allergies now have a red and or orange flag next to their name in the swimmers list.
  2. You can now copy a gala template.

Version 4.10.4 11/07/2013

  1. You can now add swimmers to swim groups from the “View Swim Group” page.

Version 4.10.3 10/07/2013

  1. New access permission added – Manage Club Kit Orders.
  2. Loco Parentis permission field added to swimmer online registration form.
  3. You can now print emails.
  4. You can export attendance sheets in CSV/XLS format.
  5. You can now filter attendance graphs by swim session.

Version 4.9.8 09/07/2013

  1. You can now choose whether or not duplicate emails get removed when bulk sending email.
  2. New report added – Gala Attendance.

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