Updates 05/11/13

Version 4.13.5 05/11/2013

  1. Attendance graphs can now be filtered by all groups as well as all sessions
  2. New invoice type added “Block Fee”

Version 4.13.3 01/11/2013

  1. Rearranged the view club documents page
  2. Rearranged the view email conversation page
  3. Swimmers/parents can now export their swim times graphs
  4. Archived swimmers now have a blue background when you are viewing the all swimmers (M/F) page
  5. New field added to swimmers “Consent for Video Use”
  6. You can now set workflows to be inactive so they don’t fire
  7. You can now select an email template when emailing a trial request swimmer
  8. You can now search all users/parents/swimmers at once from one search form
  9. “Email Address” has been added to the all swimmers report
  10. You can now filter the best swim times report by position achieved
  11. Archived swimmers have been removed from the “Email individual swimmers” function
  12. You can now print swimmer’s PBs from their profile page.
  13. You can now mark parents as archived
  14. You can now add an invoice to an invoice period already created

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