Version 4.15.5

Version 4.15.5 21/03/2014

  1. The swimmer import now includes the “Date Joined Swim Group” field

Version 4.15.4 18/03/2014

  1. When you are reconciling income, the items in the “Match” drop-down list are colour coded as to whether the associated invoice is paid or not

Version 4.15.3 14/03/2014

  1. Bug fix – all swimmers export report showing status as “active” when it should be “archived”
  2. You can now run the fastest club swim times report using the swimmer’s age on date of swim
  3. Swimmers having problems changing their login passwords if they used “special” characters

Version 4.15.0 13/03/2014

  1. Bug fix – certain users not able to delete calendar events

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