Version 4.16.4

Bug fixes

  • You couldn’t reply to certain emails if someone had already replied once.
  • Parents were unable to view the club records page.

Gala officials
When you are managing galas, you can now assign a volunteer template to a gala. The idea behind this is to allow you to add roles such as Judge, Referee and Starter etc.

Once you have created a volunteer template by going to “Setup > Galas > Volunteer Templates” you can add it to a gala by viewing the gala in question, clicking on the orange “Expand Details” button and selecting the template.

When you have selected the template and clicked on the update button, all those roles in the template will be listed at the bottom.

Click on the pencil icon next to each role and select a user. You can click on the “Email Volunteers” button on the right and the people you select will be emailed in the same way as the swimmers are emailed asking if they can attend as a volunteer.

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