Version 4.20.0

The following updates have been made recently:

  1. You can now add notes to club kit orders
  2. Finance details are now included when you export parent data
  3. Extra “tags” have been added to the send emails and send letters pages
  4. You can now enter “notes” and “meterage” when adding attendance and the system copies the values to all swimmers saving you having to enter them for each swimmer
  5. You can now email all parents that are “volunteers”
  6. You can now view/edit parent’s “details up to date” field
  7. Parent’s “details up to date” field is now included in the parent export
  8. You can now view other clubs’ gala templates if they have been set to “shared”
  9. When you delete an invoice, the corresponding income record is also deleted
  10. Bug fix – Calendar events that spanned over more than two months were not displaying correctly in certain months

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