Text messaging is here!

We are pleased to announce that you can now send text messages to your swimmers from within your account.

Before you can send text messages, you need to register for an account with our 3rd part texting service. Click here and register for a free account.

Then, once registered, log in and go to your settings page, click on “Api Keys” and copy your API key and enter it on your club details page.

Contact us if you need help with this.

There is a charge for every message sent that is set by the 3rd party service and you have to purchase credits in advance. One text is one credit and the more you buy the cheaper they are.

They start at 4.9p + vat per text.

You will need to add the “Send Text Messages” permission to your user groups to allow people to send texts.

Once this is done a new menu link under Members > Send Text Messages will appear for users you give this permission to.

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