Version 5.6.8

The following updates were made recently:

  1. When bulk updating swimmers, inactive swimmers are no longer included
  2. You can now add manual email addresses when sending out emails

Version 5.6.5 27/01/2015

  1. Anyone with the “Send Emails” permission that also has “View Club Emails” permission can now see everyone’s sent emails. Anyone with only the “Send Emails” permission can only see their own sent emails.

Version 5.6.4 26/01/2015

  1. You can now run the “Instructor trial times report” on other instructor’s times instead of only your own
  2. If you don’t have “Club Email” enabled, you can only see your own sent email when you view “View Sent Emails”
  3. Bug fix – If you tried to add a new step to a workflow, the “Notify User” field was empty

Version 5.6.1 23/01/2015

  1. Changed the time format on club calendar to list the full time ie 18:00 instead of 18
  2. Modified the “Parent/Swimmer Details Confirmation” report so it now lists all active parents/swimmers and shows the date they confirmed on

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