Migrating from V5 to V6

Updated 18th August 2016 – You can now import your finance data. 

Updated 30th June 2016 – You can now import attendance records.

Updated 23rd June 2016 – We have added a new function that will import all of your users at once.

Updated 17th June 2016 – Please note that the following data is NOT migrated to v6:

  • Galas
  • Swim times
  • Members pages

To transfer swim times, in v5, go to “Club > Export Data” and select swim times. Then in v6 go to “Members > Swim times > Bulk import” and follow the instructions. Note: Any swim times for a swimmer without an ASA number will be ignored by the import routine.

Migration Instructions

To migrate your data from version 5 to version 6, please follow the steps below. This only has to be done once so each club should choose a user to do this. The user that performs the migration will be set as the admin user in version 6.

IMPORTANT: Even if you wish to enter all of your data manually, you must go to step 2 and enter your v5 login credentials. This is so that the system can copy important information regarding your club into the new version such as direct debit settings and set up your club website if you are on option 1.

Step 1

Register for a trial by visiting the main website and clicking on “Free Trial” on the main menu.

Note: If you were a beta tester, you do not need to register for a new trial. Go to step 2 below.

Once you have registered and confirmed your account by clicking the link in the email, go to step 2.

Step 2

Login using the credentials that were emailed to you. Once logged in, go to  “Setup > Import from version 5”.

Enter your VERSION 5 login credentials into the form and click on “Next Step”. You will be presented with various options to migrate different parts of your data.

Click on the first one called “Import ALL Users” and follow the instructions. Your import will be scheduled and you will be emailed once it has completed.

Once you receive the email, go through the other sections in order importing each one (except the import individual swimmers/parents/users). Once you have imported everything, go to “Setup > Club > Club details” and make sure all of your details are correct.

User Logins

The migration steps above will copy over login user names but unfortunately it is not possible to copy over login passwords. The best thing to do is once you have migrated your users, tell people to go to the login page and use the “Forgot Password” function so the system will allow them to create a new one.

Club Websites

If you are on option 1 with club website, click on the “Website” tab and look for the “Website Subdomain” field. This is a temporary web address where you can check your website to see if everything transferred correctly. The format of the web address should be “http://yourclubname.swimclubmanager.uk”. Enter that into your browser address bar to view your site.

If something is not right with your website, please open a support ticket by going to “Help > Open support ticket” and explain what the problem is.

If your website looks correct and you are happy with it, please open a support ticket to let us know and we will point your website domain to the new v6 website.

There are lots of new website templates to choose from and you can preview them by selecting one in the “Preview website template” drop-down field.

Any other data that is not included in the migration functions above can be imported manually by CSV/Excel files.

After Migration

To make sure members don’t add/update information in version 5, you can put v5 into read only mode. Login and go to “Setup > Club > Club Details” and click on the “Read Only Mode” check box at the bottom then click on the update button.

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