Version 6 updates and important information

Updated 23rd June 2016 – We will be adding more import routines, especially for finance data over the coming weeks.

Data Migration

Only run the import routines once! A few clubs have ended up running the import members routine multiple times. This will and has created duplicate members. The same goes for any of the other import routines on the “Import from v5 page”.

If you find yourself in this situation, your best bet is to use the “Delete all data” button on the “Import from v5” page under “Setup”, then start again.

Make sure you only have one person in your club performing this, for obvious reasons.

Data that can’t be migrated yet

The following data has no import routine:

  • Galas
  • Finances (invoices etc)
  • Trial times
  • Swim times (more on this below)
  • Anything else that isn’t listed on the “Import from v5 page”

We will be adding extra import routines for finance data in due course

    Swim times

    To import your swim times, login to version 5 (there is now a link to v5 on the v6 login page) and go to “Club > Export Data” and select swim times. Choose Excel format.
    Then login to v6 and go to “Members > Swim times > Bulk import” and follow the instructions.

    Note: Any swim times in the exported file from v5 that do not have the swimmer’s ASA number will be ignored when importing. The system uses the swimmer’s ASA number to match the times to the swimmers.

    If you import swim times but they don’t look to have worked, or you can’t find them against the swimmers, it probably means that you have duplicate swimmers in the system as mentioned above.
    To see is this is the case, go to “Members > Swim times > View imported” amd check that you can see your imported times there.

    We are advising clubs who are asking about finances and galas etc to use v5 as a historical lookup. Add all new data to v6 (when you have set everything up) and just keep v5 to look at past galas and invoices etc.

    Version 5 will be kept online but all new features and updates will be made to v6, NOT v5.

    Migrated Emails

    There was a bug when importing your v5 emails where the “Sent Date” was wrong. This is now fixed for future email imports.

    Some clubs were also reporting seeing no content in imported emails. This is also fixed and was a display issue not related to the import issue above.

    Session Imports

    It was brought to our attention that if you have sessions with the same name in v5, but on different days of the week, the v6 import members routine ignored them and treated them as the same session.
    To get around this you need to edit your session names in v5 so they are unique before you run the import.

    Future Updates

    To keep track of future updates and bug fixes you can view the change log.

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