Version 6.22.2

The following updates were made today:

  1. Bug fix – The “Coaches” section on attendance sheets now only appears at the bottom when the attendance sheet goes onto more than one page
  2. You can now remove a member from the email blacklist if they have marked less than 3 of your emails as spam
  3. You can now replace your club calendar with a Google calendar
  4. You can now print attendance sheets by group
  5. You can now include member’s DOB and age on attendance sheets
  6. You can now search emails in your club inbox
  7. You can now search sent emails
  8. New permission added “Assign Session Profiles”
  9. When you logout you are now taken to your club website (if applicable)
  10. New workflow added for when a new volunteer is created
  11. The “Show only licenced galas” option on the best swim times report now defaults to checked
  12. New tab added to dashboards showing club member stats

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