Version 6.45.1

The following updates were made today:

  1. Split times now only show when you click “include relays” when viewing a swimmers times
  2. Bug fix – Club websites now correctly display the club calendar when the “no session dates” option is used
  3. There is now a link to view the corresponding invoice when viewing an income record
  4. Bug fix – The “meet fees” report now functions as expected
  5. When a swimmer is selecting which events they would like to swim in, they now get a larger confirmation when they select them
  6. New fields added to PDF invoices to show payments, credit notes and outstanding amount more clearly
  7. New feature added – “Club Roles” which replaces permission groups
  8. New field added for members – “Safeguarding Date”
  9. New field added for members – “Safeguarding Renewal Date”
  10. You can now filter the upcoming birthdays report by month
  11. Club roles is now available as a field for the view members report

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