Version 6.52.8

The following updates were made today:

  1. New field added to trial requests – “Trial Confirmed”
  2. New field added to trial requests – “Groups”
  3. New field added to trial requests – “Sessions”
  4. Waiting List added to club features so you can turn it off if not used
  5. New tab added to member profile page – “Medical Details”
  6. New tab added to my account page – “Medical Details”
  7. DBS and Safeguarding data has now been moved to the “Roles” tab
  8. The medical details tab is now only visible for swimmers
  9. Rearranged the tab content on the member profile pages
  10. You can now upload safeguarding certificates
  11. Bug fix – When adding volunteers to a club event, sometimes no members were listed
  12. You can now add a role to a volunteer template without assigning a skill or qualification to it
  13. Bug fix – In some circumstances, relay swimmers were listed twice on the team sheet
  14. Bug fix – The age of swimmers in the Hy-Tek meet entry file was not taking into account the meet age up date

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