Version 6.67.6

The following updates were made today:

  1. You can now edit the who’s who “Notes” for each member
  2. Bug fix – In some circumstances, the “Members” section was not visible to some users
  3. Bug fix – In some circumstances, the emergency contact details on new members wasn’t saving
  4. Bug fix – In some circumstances, qualifying times could not be added to a qualifying times group
  5. Bug fix – when comparing swim times to qualifying times, times that exactly match the QT are now green, not yellow
  6. The instructor trials report now lists the swimmer’s age at the date of the trial
  7. You can now import club awards
  8. Members who have the “Send Emails” permission can now contact members on the who’s who page
  9. Tabs on the view member profile page are now in the same order as the dashboard tabs

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