Version 6.75.7

The following updates were made today:

  1. Members with the “Send Emails” permission can now access the club emails page to send emails. Note: They can only see the club inbox if they have the “Access Club Emails” permission
  2. Bug fix – Members without email addresses were not showing in the member list when creating an invoice period
  3. You can now forward emails to volunteers
  4. Bug fix – When replying to an email, the “Insert Email Template” function now works as expected
  5. Bug fix – When creating the meet eligibility report, the system now doesn’t include swimmers with no swim time for an event that has slower than X or faster than X set
  6. You can now email all club swimmers that are eligible for a meet
  7. New tab added to the view user page – “Event Attendance”
  8. The export members function now only exports what the person running the function has access to

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