Version 6.80.6

The following updates were made today:

  1. Bug fix – In some circumstances, the email address validation function was not working as expected
  2. Bug fix – When viewing a member’s profile page, the roles tab is now not shown first
  3. The create meet files function now includes the member’s “Known As” and “First Name” fields in the csv file
  4. When converting a waiting list member to a full member, you can choose to set them as a swimmer
  5. New export added for meets – “Meet Attendees With Medical Details”
  6. New export added for meets – “Meet Attendees Without Medical Details”
  7. When copying a member, the “Date Joined Club” is now set to today’s date instead of the date of the member you are copying
  8. Added “Last Modified Date” to the bottom of the member profile page
  9. You can now set a fee for bus seats for club events
  10. You can now filter the members table by gender
  11. You can now attach club documents to emails
  12. “Age” field added to the “Swimmers with no parents” report
  13. “Groups” field added to the “Swimmers with no parents” report
  14. You can now export expenses by account code
  15. You can now export income by account code
  16. Member’s “ASA Category” is now listed next to the ASA number in the members table
  17. When adding members to an email list, you can now filter by club group

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