Version 6.93.5

The following updates were made today:

  1. Bug fix – The new workflows for medical details and doctor details now fire if someone updates their own details
  2. Bug fix – The “Swimmer Attending” club event workflow now fires when a swimmer chooses the events they want to swim
  3. You can now send links to up to 5 custom forms in emails
  4. The event selection options have been moved to the left hand side when swimmers are choosing which events they want to swim
  5. When a swimmer is selecting their gala events, their PB is now automatically entered into the entry time field for them
  6. If you select no for the “Swimmer can add entry times” option, the system will now NOT automatically enter their PB as the entry time for a gala
  7. Bug fix – When assigning club roles to members, the system now correctly checks any member qualifications if the role requires them
  8. The athlete surcharge is now only applied once for Hy-Tek™ style meets
  9. Cells in the meet fees report are now in number format in the Excel file

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