Version 6.117.8

The following updates were made today:

  1. Statements of account now list more details for each invoice
  2. When adding a swimmer to a meet event manually, the system automatically filters the event list when you select a swimmer
  3. You can now reset member’s “Details Confirmed Correct” for all members at once
  4. When adding members to a club event, the member list displayed is now sortable
  5. Members can now select to NOT renew their membership on the renewal form
  6. New workflow field added – “Do NOT Renew Membership”
  7. When adding noticeboard items, the full text editor is now used
  8. You can now force meet invoices to be taken by direct debit by not allowing the member to choose

2 Responses

  1. Dean Bungay says:

    Hi Ben,
    With the renew membership form is it also possible to have a new membership form as well. In exactly the same format but just the heading changed and without the new ‘do not renew membership. Thanks

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