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Version 6.108.7

The following updates were made today: The global search now only lists active items by default. There is now a button to show the inactive items. You can now delete incident comments You can...


Version 6.101.6

The following updates were made today: Instructor trial time imports are now saved like imported swim times New report added – “Members Non-Compliant”

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Version 6.90.2

The following updates were made today: Bug fix – In some circumstances, the meet eligibility report was not using the correct stroke The “Read Only” option has been added to the Export/Bulk Update routines

Version 6.65.6 0

Version 6.65.6

The following updates have been made today: You can now select individual volunteers to email New role permission – “Edit Member Medical Details” New role permission – “Edit Member Documents” Role permission renamed from...

Importing attendance records from version 5 0

Importing attendance records from version 5

We are pleased to announce that you can now import your version 5 attendance records. To do this, go to “Setup > Import from version 5” and scroll to the bottom. Click on the...

Version 5.5.9 0

Version 5.5.9

The following updates were made recently: You can now import club calendar events New option added for gala volunteers “Verbal Confirm” You can now send a text message to all swimmers selected for a...

Version 4.15.5 0

Version 4.15.5

Version 4.15.5 21/03/2014 The swimmer import now includes the “Date Joined Swim Group” field Version 4.15.4 18/03/2014 When you are reconciling income, the items in the “Match” drop-down list are colour coded as to...

Version 4.14.9 0

Version 4.14.9

Version 4.14.9 06/03/2014 Added more fields to the swimmer import feature Users/Instructors can now edit their own phone number and DOB You can now send email attachments to swimmers who have filled in the...

Updates 08/05/2013 0

Updates 08/05/2013

When you send an email to multiple recipients, only one email is stored in your “Sent” folder, instead of every single email. When importing swimmers you can now import the “Parent/Guardian” field. You can...